No Fairytale Agile – The Blunt Truth About Implementing Agile

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Tento kurz je dostupný pouze v anglickém jazyce.

Sinisa Lopicic and Martin Popelak have broad knowledge of implementing Agile and Scrum in big
enterprises such as Siemens or Microsoft. Martin has great experiences with recent shift of big
company from waterfall to Scaled Agile Framework. Sinisa comes with comprehensive
experience in building the teams, delivering product and scaling a product through agile. With
technical background and expertise through product and people management have managed
through changes of a product, teams and process in Microsoft and Polarion/Siemens.

During this 2 days course you will learn:

• Learn how to succeed in agile, from real life examples and guidance:
• Agile, Scrum, XP, Kanban, what is right for you?
• How to choose and adjust process to suit your business and needs
• Learn about common pitfalls and how to avoid them
• “How to sell agile”. Learn how to persuade that your company should be Agile.
• Is Agile good for all projects? Are there projects where waterfall is just good enough?
• Negotiating with Management, Stakeholders and Product Management
• Agile from different perspective. Developer, tester, Product Management, Senior
• Evolve from small team to enterprise agile (SAFe, LeSS, Scrum of Scrum)
• How to organize for success (teams, compositions, deliverables, shipping)
• Top 10 mistakes that you encounter in Scrum
• Who is the customer? How/Where to gain feedback and improve your product?
• Scrum/Agile and Yearly plans? How do they fit together?

Course is taught in English and the target audience are Scrum Masters, Product Owners,
Project/Product managers, Mid and C Level Management.


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